Turf Gold Coast

At Mudgeeraba Landscape Centre, we supply and deliver turf from leading brands. Our selection of turf varieties includes:

Transform your backyard with turf that suits your soil, budget and lifestyle. Our team will help you decide on the best turf for you. Stop by the centre or get in contact today.

Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Grass is Australia’s favourite lawn; it’s easy to maintain, stays green all year round and is very drought tolerant. It is ideal for homes with children and pets, and grows well in shaded areas as well as sunny backyards. Sir Walter DNA Certified is the most versatile lawn option for the Queensland climate. Look forward to spending quality time outside with this worry-free luxurious lawn!

Legend Couch is a wear-resistant grass variety designed for high-impact environments. From the stadium, to your backyard, Legend’s high performance makes it the perfect lawn for active families. Requiring 7-8 hours of direct sunlight per day, Legend champions a deep green colour and low cutting suitability for a tidy, manicured look.

Nullarbor Couch is a popular choice for homeowners looking for a lawn that presents value for money, bearing lower upfront cost. Best suited for areas receiving upwards of 7 hours of direct sunlight per day, this fine-leaf variety is a summer stunner—showcasing a deep green colour and tidy appearance. When mown regularly to a height of 15-20mm in summer and 20-30mm in winter, you’ll have a beautiful, manicured lawn to complement your outdoor living space.

Why choose turf?

Turf has the ability to transform your outdoor space and revitalise the look of your property. This might even help to add value to your home. Aesthetics aren’t the only reason why turf is a fantastic choice for landscaping projects. Turfing can play an important role in protecting the soil, preventing erosion and reducing water runoff. This allows more water to be absorbed by the soil.

Turf is also a safe option. It helps to regulate temperature because it’s significantly cooler than other surfaces. It can also help to reduce the spread of fires, limiting fire damage. Additionally, it can act as a deterrent for pests like insects and rodents, helping to protect your home from infestations. Turf also has the potential to reduce noise – when planted on a sloped surface it can act as a significant barrier to troublesome noise.

How can you use turf?

There are so many possibilities when it comes to using turf. Whatever your plans are for your outdoor space, you might find that this versatile material is the ideal way to make it happen. At Mudgeeraba Landscape Centre, You can find a wide range of turf supplies that are ideally suited to an array of different purposes.

Turf is a fantastic material for a whole host of landscaping designs and concepts, including creative ideas like creating recreational areas such as life-sized game boards as part of your landscaping design. You can also use it strategically to protect your property from pests or noise pollution. It’s also ideal if you simply want to create a brilliant lawn or grassy area, whether it’s because you want a stunning lawn or a durable area for activities like football.

Picking the ideal turf

We offer a range of fantastic turf supplies. The ideal choice for you depends on your lifestyle, budget, and needs. It’s worth thinking about how you plan to use the turf after it’s been laid, how much light and shade there is in the space, the type of soil you have, and how much time you want to invest into maintaining your turf. Different types of turf are better suited for different applications. It’s important to make the right decision to get the most out of it.

If you’re uncertain about which turf is right for you, simply speak to us. We’ve got the knowledge and experience to help you pick the turf that’s right for you.

Gold Coast turf experts

We’ve got extensive experience supplying turf Gold Coast-wide. We supply reliable turf from top brands, promising you impressive quality, reliability, and longevity. Customers throughout the region rely on us for their turf supply needs. We’re always happy to help you find the best choice for you or make professional recommendations on the most suitable choices of turf for your needs.

At Mudgeeraba Landscape Centre, we also provide a range of other great services, including soil and sand deliveries. Whatever your landscaping ideas are, we have the materials and know-how to match.