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Pebbles Gold Coast

Decorative Pebbles on the Gold Coast

At Mudgeeraba Landscape Centre, we proudly supply the outstanding decorative pebbles our Gold Coast clients love. When you’d like to give your garden a stylish boost, or to add an intriguing design feature to your landscaping, we have everything you need to transform your outdoor area into the space of your dreams. Call us today on (07) 5530 2359 or contact us online to learn more about our range and services.

Our Garden & Landscaping Pebble Range

Riverstone Pebbles

Our Riverstone pebbles are the ideal addition to any garden space. Made of crushed rock aggregate, Riverstone pebbles act as an outstanding ground cover or as an eye-catching alternative to darker stone. Our pebbles come in three sizes and a range of colours and shapes, and as they’re maintenance-free you’ll know they’ll always look their best.

Use our outstanding Riverstone pebbles to:

  • Fill the gaps between pavers in your pathway
  • Protect sand on your property
  • Fill your garden beds
  • Line walkways, driveways, and flower beds
  • Mulch your garden

Yamba Gold Sandstone Pebbles

Made from gold sandstone sourced from Yamba, these pebbles offer the perfect accompaniment to your garden landscape. Their natural gold tones complement any sandstone wall or feature, and could even be paired with other yellows or natural tones to continue the look throughout your space. They act as a fantastic contrast to your plants or foliage, adding a touch of warmth and vitality you and your garden will love!

Use our Yamba Gold Sandstone pebbles to:

  • Mulch your garden
  • Line pathways
  • Decorate artificial ponds
  • Complete your squall, gabion cage, fire pit, or dry creek bed

Fruit Salad Pebbles

Our Fruit Salad pebbles are easy on the eyes and friendly to your feet. Made of a variety of crushed rocks, this colourful, decorative mix comes in two sizes to suit a range of applications. When you’re looking for colour and variety in your garden or landscaping project, choose our Fruit Salad Pebbles as the perfect completion to your outdoor design.

Use our Fruit Salad pebbles to:

  • Decorate your garden features
  • Fill in and line your pathways
  • Complete your landscaping

White Iceberg Pebbles

Emphasise your garden’s greenery with our White Iceberg pebbles. Their natural white tone is the perfect addition to your garden space, creating a dramatic contrast against the natural, darker tones of flowers and foliage. An incredibly versatile product, these pebbles are suitable for a great range of applications and will transform your outdoor area into an eye-catching oasis you won’t want to leave.

Use our White Iceberg Pebbles to:

  • Accent your paving area and driveway
  • Top your garden beds, planters or pots
  • Decorate your water feature

Bulk Pebbles Available To Order

We know some landscaping projects require a lot of pebbles, and that’s why Mudgeeraba Landscape Centre proudly stocks bulk pebbles available for order. With our great range, you’ll be able to simply place one order and not have to think about ordering again. With our bulk pebbles, you’ll be able to transform your backyard into the harmonious haven or lively entertainment space you’ve been dreaming of. Our friendly team will help you choose the perfect bulk pebbles for your project.

Same Day Delivery & Pickup Available on all Pebble Orders

When you choose the perfect pebbles for your space, you likely can’t wait for them to arrive and for work to begin! At Mudgeeraba Landscape Centre, we understand you want to get your design and landscaping project started as soon as possible. We offer same-day delivery service, 6 days a week and pickup on all pebble orders, meaning you won’t need to spend time waiting for your pebbles and landscaping products to arrive. Contact us to learn more about our efficient order and delivery process.

Contact Us Today For a Quote

If you’re considering adding decorative pebbles to your Gold Coast home, choose Mudgeeraba Landscape Centre. Our passions are beautiful landscaping and excellent customer service, and we pride ourselves on helping our customers identify what they want and select the best products to create the garden of their dreams. With our great range of pebbles, you’ll find the perfect addition to your pavement, driveway, garden bed, pots, or decorative feature. Contact us today on 07 5530 2359 or via our website.