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Road Base Gold Coast

Road Base Suppliers On The Gold Coast

At Mudgeeraba Landscape Centre, we are trusted suppliers of road base on the Gold Coast. We stock numerous varieties of road base that can be used to create attractive, durable paths, patios and driveways in gardens and commercial spaces.

Road base is a cost-effective material that’s suitable for patios and driveways because it’s easy to install and tailor to your needs. Road base can be very strong and very durable, depending on the type of material you use and how much you compact it. 

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Our Road Base (CBR45) Range

Road base is a popular material for driveways, paths and patios across Australia. It can be made from various different materials minerals and substances including granite, crushed gravel and limestone. We offer different varieties of road base so that you can customise your driveway or patio design to suit your outdoor space.

Blue Road Base

Blue road base is made from a mixture of fine blue metal dust and different sizes of stones. Blue road base is a premium road base that allows for very high compaction rates, which means it’s popularly used in driveways and patios where strength and durability are required, making it ideal in commercial spaces of heavy-traffic areas. Its cool blue undertones also make it an attractive choice for private homes and gardens.

Brown Road Base

Brown road base is made from a mixture of different sizes of stones and brown minerals. It’s a common type of road base that’s often used across Australia because it’s affordable, strong, and suitable for use in a wide variety of settings and spaces. It doesn’t offer the superior strength of a blue road base but it’s strong enough to withstand daily vehicle and pedestrian traffic in most environments.

Bulk Road Base Available To Buy

If you’re about to start a large project, we offer both blue and brown road base in bulk. All of our road base materials are available to order in various sizes including 4kg, 12kg and 42kg bags. We can deliver our bulk road base orders straight to your door or project site so that you can get started as soon as they arrive.

If you need a hand estimating how much road base you need for your project, call us and we’ll help you to calculate your requirements.

Same-Day Road Base Delivery And Pickup Available On All Orders

Our busy team of delivery drivers at Mudgeeraba Landscape Centre work around the clock to deliver road base and other landscaping materials to our clients across the region.

We offer same-day delivery of road base to reduce delays in your project and make sure that you can access the materials you need as soon as you need them. Our road base is also available for pickup at a time that suits you.

Contact Us Today

Are you looking for high-quality road base and other paving materials on the Gold Coast?

Order road base and other landscaping supplies from us today at Mudgeeraba Landscaping Centre to benefit from same-day delivery and affordable prices on all of our products.

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